Step in the Arena Graffiti festival Eindhoven

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Step in the Arena Graffiti festival Eindhoven

Post by Kiév » Tue Jul 05, 2011 8:47 pm


Step in the Arena. De tweede editie van het internationale graffiti festival gaat morgen van start in de Berenkuil. Het festival wordt georganiseerd door Dynamo. Meer dan 100 graffitikunstenaars laten zien wat ze kunnen. Morgen wordt afgetrapt met de Kids Battle. Daarvoor werden vandaag de voorbereidingen getroffen.

Step In The Arena 2011’. The largest international graffiti festival in the Netherlands. It will take place on the 9th and 10th of July in Eindhoven. This year with a special side event: Hidden Beauty, an international street-art event.

Step In The Arena took place in 2010 for the first time and several thousands of people came to visit. Check the Montana site for foto’s of lasts years edition.

This year more than 200 local and international graffiti gladiators will show their skills in the weekend of 9 and 10 juli in thé street-art arena of Europe: ‘de Berenkuil’. Some names of artists are:
CFH (NL), OD crew (NL), Staynice (NL), Nasty Sons (NL), Cosh (NL), Dephaezer (NL), Jake (NL), Mickey (NL)

Heavy Artillery (UK-DK): Aroe-Roid-Storm-Gebes
Wild Boys (IT): Zeus-Opium-Rota-Pencil
Greetings crew (FR): Ogre-Gris-Gomer
LoveLetters (NL-D-F): Nash-Rusl-Dater-Chas-Ozer-Tumki-Biser
Swet (DK), Nychos (A), Dome (D), Belin (ES), Zedz (IT), New2 (AU)

The festival is being organized by Dynamo in collaboration with the graffiti scene of Eindhoven. It’s goal is to challenge young people and professionals to meet and challenge each other creatively.

Graffiti and street art are important aspects of hiphop culture in Eindhoven. With this graffiti weekend, Dynamo wants the inhabitants of Eindhoven and beyond to meet street art and show them what Eindhoven is famous for in the whole world.

Young graffiti artist are given the opportunity to work with pro’s from the graffiti scene, national and international artists. If you want to join in, please contact:

Adres: Insulindeplein, also known as the Berenkuil, in Eindhoven. Free entrance.

For more information about Step In The Arena and Hidden Beauty check our facebook page.
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