Overpower me

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Overpower me

Post by tiewrap » Wed Dec 08, 2010 7:26 pm

I'm always talking too much
I wish that someone could come to shut me up
beat me down and make me feel the pain
cos if they don't I keep goin against the grain
I'm calling out to One

You're stronger
so overpower me
if you say the tongue is strong
deliver me
I don't want to hurt
cause I'm always speaking way to fast
in other times it seems that I will last
forever talking
deliver me

I'm often frustrated too fast
my anger is risting I am nasty
I am who I don't want to be
won't you come down and again please set me free
I'm calling out to You


smash me, beat me, blow me off of my feet
give me the chance to really start again
again and again

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